Caroline Davy is an award-winning landscape and
garden designer with a growing reputation for creating
beautiful gardens across the country.


Caroline’s style is typified by an instinctive and intuitive response to each individual site. Her designs emphasise the strengths of every location’s natural character so each garden develops a completely unique look and atmosphere. Practicality is also central to Caroline’s work and she creates relevant outdoor spaces that are perfectly suited to the needs of their owners.

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Rain, wind, flooding. How is your garden faring?! Forays into the garden seem to be limited to the urgent or the banal at the moment; propping up garden fences, supplying tea to the team with chain saws who have come to turn your fallen trees into firewood or taking the Christmas tree out for another year! January should be a time to finish cutting everything back and for tidying ahead of new planting and planning for the year to come. However, in many cases this January, it's damage limitation or recovery!

However, the lack of actual gardening has made virtual gardening quite exciting. From the warmth of the house, I have made plans to divide a number of perennials, to remove a couple of very aged shrubs that have lost their shape and purpose in the overall scheme and to replace a small grass path that has never really worked (too narrow and too covered by lush perennial growth in the summer so that the grass is continually struggling) with a gravel alternative that will be heaps more practical and provide a good foil to the planting. I also want to re-vamp all the planted pots so that I enhance the interest throughout the year and re-train a mammoth Clematis armandii that has pulled down an old metal arch with its weight. We had a glut of red cabbages and beetroot this year after my husband got rather over-excited with his seed sowing so our vegetable planning needs to be a joint affair this year! Although we still aim to grow most of our vegetables in 2014, I am going to sow lots of cut flower seeds/plugs to boost colour and to provide some raw ingredients for my flower business. Finally, the greenhouse will be re-discovered under the mountain of wedding paraphernalia that seems to have been 'stored' there! So the wet weather has offered good 'thinking time' and the plans for the year are now quite clear!

Our wedding at the end of November was an amazing day and the flowers a highlight for me! The whole colour scheme was based around the colours you find in a faded hydrangea with muted pinks, dusty reds and sage green and they have lasted and lasted. I still have a table decoration which I adapted for Christmas using some of the original Hydrangea. Good value!

I am planning some small changes to the web site over the next few weeks so watch this space for more developments and photographs.