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Caroline’s work encompasses both landscape design and floral decoration. She is a designer, horticulturalist and hands-on grower who understands colour, form and composition. Whether you need an outside space transformed or want flowers styled for an event, she can advise and deliver a tailored solution. Caroline’s work is varied but all projects are linked by a true understanding of plants and a strong design narrative.

Spaces are transformed into places and acquire character and meaning; and flowers are styled to bring atmosphere and drama to enhance any space.

Caroline’s style is characterised by juxtaposition and contrast - in terms of plants, materials and shape. The effects are natural, yet sophisticated; modern but romantic; rich and textured.

A Little Chaos … but beauty too!

A Little Chaos … but beauty too!

The garden is waking up with energy and vigour!  This time of year is always special with the fresh green foliage that emerges in abundance.  Later on in the summer,...

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